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● NEWS JUST IN ● ► RICHIE SPICE RICHIE SPICERICHIE SPICE ... LIVE FOR THE ** 1ST TIME ** IN DALLAS, TX HISTORY! LIVE on Sat. May 29th @ Dallas' 3rd largest 5 STAR upscale MULTI MILLION dollar entertainment spot - THE PALLADIUM ● 1135 South Lamar, Dallas, TX 75215.


Thursday ★ ► OTARU LOUNGE ● 5100 Beltline Rd. - Addision TX 75254.

Friday ★ ► HIBASHI GRILL ● 13465 Inwood Rd. - Dallas TX 75244.



●● NIGHT TIMERICHIE SPICE LIVE @ THE PALLADIUM ● 1135 South Lamar, Dallas Texas 75215.



●● NIGHT TIMEINDOOR PARTY ZONE ● 11621 Reeder Rd. - Dallas, Tx 75229.

Monday ★ ► OTARU LOUNGE ● 5100 Beltline Rd., Addison TX 75254.

● IMPORTANT UPDATE ● LIMITED discounted advance tickets are now available for sale at 50% OFF the regular price * until * Friday, May 14th 2010.

The 10th OFFICIAL Dallas Memorial Reunion - THE INFERNO | Bigger & Better!

EVENT RSVP ON FACEBOOK: (1500+ Confirmed Attending)
The 10th OFFICIAL Dallas Memorial Reunion - THE INFERNO | Bigger & Better!


  Kenya's Dallas FC (Football Club), DJ XP, DJ Kellz, Breakpoint Events & Royal Ent. in conjunction with the greater DFW Kenyan Community cordially invites you to the 10th Anniversary of the Annual Dallas Memorial Weekend Out Kenyan Family Reunion in Dallas, TX

  What is so special about this year? For the first time, all Dallas Kenyan DJs / promoters - DJ XP ● DJ Sadat ● DJ Timo ● DJ Dulo ● DJ Kellz ● DJ Famol ● DJ Rabaky ● DJ DM ● DJ Edge & DJ Tuto are coming together as one to give you an event which you will remember for a very long time. With a variety of top out of town DJs, this event is one you surely do not want to miss.

  Held once annually in the City of Dallas, TX for the past 9 years, this summer event dubbed “Memorial Weekend Out” has always been the LARGEST Kenyan Diaspora event held overseas attracting thousands of Kenyan families & friends especially from the USA & Canada.

  The event takes place during the week of Memorial Weekend (a public holiday observed on the last Monday of the last week of the month of May). The event is hosted courtesy of the Greater Dallas Kenyan Community.

  The motto “ Bigger & Better " has always stood out as the years passed. The growth is attributed by several factors such as the high Kenyan population in Dallas & Forth Worth, centrality of the city of Dallas in the USA & last but not least - the UNITY amongst most Kenyan Communities locally & from other States who support the event in the USA.

  Memorable events lined up in the past include Mega BBQs (the infamous Sunday Family Lake Reunion), Children's activities (Face Painting, Jumping Castles), Sports, Car Shows, Dance Parties just to mention a few.

  What's more? We are partnering with the biggest Kenyan Soccer event organizers to host the biggest Kenyan Soccer event in the United States. Hosted last in Kansas, Camp Toyoyo has been growing every year, attracting the lovers of the "beautiful game", some of the organizers are former Harambee Stars players like Kevin Dugarry, Tom Odhiambo & more. At Camp Toyoyo you will find a family friendly atmosphere where respect is at utmost level of understanding.

  Toyoyo family comprises of former & current Kenyan soccer players, students, fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, fiancés, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters with a common goal of love, family & togetherness.

  This year, Dallas will host the 2010 Toyoyo Cup Tournament after getting majority of votes at the Camp Toyoyo, USA - Kenya committee meeting in Kansas City.

  Keep it locked for more info as we approach the dates.

  INFO. & TICKET LINES: ☎: DJ XP - (972) 921-3597 ☎: Jimmy Muchiri - (469) 258-9391 ☎: DJ Kellz - (972) 215-8721
☎: Daddy V - (972) 880-3916

 TUNE TO: ♪♪ - Capital FM 98.4 Nairobi, Kenya -



● DOWNLOAD # 1 (May 2010)

● DOWNLOAD # 2 (Apr. 2010)

● DOWNLOAD # 3 (Mar. 2010)

● DOWNLOAD # 4 (Feb. 2010)

● DOWNLOAD # 5 (Jan. 2010)

● DOWNLOAD # 6 (Dec. 2009)

● DOWNLOAD # 7 (Dec. 2009)

►► Events hosted by Dallas DJs united as one: DJ XP ● DJ Timo  ● DJ Kellz ● DJ Famol ● DJ Rabaky ● DJ DM ● DJ Edge & DJ Tuto.


THE HIP HOP STORY (Posted on July. 14th 2009)

THANK YOU NOTE (Posted on Fri. May 29th 2009)
  It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. KENDA LADIES, DJ JOSH, DJ SISQO & I Chalo XP would like to thank you all for supporting our events through out all these years. Thank You, Thank You & last but not least Thank You. More photos will be up in a few. Some can be found here FACEBOOK


 DJ XP in conjunction with the Greater Kenyan Community in DFW (Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX) & the USA are proud to be your official " OFFICIAL" hosts of the 9TH Annual Dallas Memorial Weekend Out Family Reunion (hereinafter referred to as the 9th Annual Dallas Memorial Inferno Reloaded 2009 - Thursday, May 21st - Monday, May 25th)

 This year we are adding more class & convenience to the menu again. Besides introducing the trendiest (yet large) upscale indoor & outdoor venues & top International entertainers, we are now availing the option of purchasing advance tickets for the 1st time in the events history. No more long "Memorial Lines" like the last 9 years. This years package is extra "PHAT" - Bigger & Better! ..... just as we (Dallas) have delivered in the events 9 year history.


1. Upon purchasing our advance tickets successfully through EVENTBRITE, you will receive an Order Confirmation in your email inbox with our event details.

2. Walk to a separate VIP line at ANY of our DAY or NIGHT events & present a valid form of ID & a printed copy of the Order Confirmation. Your information will be quickly verified within our systems & in a matter of seconds you will be admitted. It's that simple.

 Why wait until last minute? " THE REAL STEAL SEAL IT NOW PROMO @ 59.99$ " (50% off discount tickets) runs for a LIMITED time: April 9th 2009 - April 30th 2009 at 11.59PM & are LIMITED in number as well. After April 30th, the price of the 5 Day VIP Fun pass tickets will resume to the regular price of 119.98$ with the same benefits of a VIP

For more information log on to

HOTLINE: TXT / SMS (972) 921-3597



// RANK? - # 1: It's Kenya's largest Diaspora family festival event held overseas. (#2 - USA Rugby Sevens)

// PLACE? - ??? Simply the City with the HIGHEST population of Kenyans in the US of the A!

// HISTORY? - 9ine years straight (1,2,3,4, ..... 9 & counting.)

// ATTENDANCE? - Thousands! Friends of Kenya & Kenyan families from around the GLOBE.

// MOTTO? - " Bigger & Better "

// DATES? - May 21st - 25th 2009.

Memorial Weekend Out - Kenyan Reunion - Dallas, TX


Memorial Weekend Out - Kenyan Reunion - Dallas, TX


IRB's USA RUGBY SEVENS - SAN DIEGO 2009 (Posted on Feb, 19th 2009)
Loads of photos were shot in SD, so they will be uploaded progressively as this week goes by. In the meantime, photos first ... & stories later on.

Picture_022.jpg Picture_012.jpg Picture_030.jpg Picture_065.jpg Picture_087.jpg
 Picture_059.jpg Picture_044.jpg


Picture_124.jpg Picture_175.jpg
 Picture_118.jpg Picture_127.jpg Picture_137.jpg Picture_167.jpg Picture_183.jpg
Picture_122.jpg Picture_143.jpg



THE BENEDICTION SPEECH BY DR. JOSEPH LOWERY (Transcript courtesy Federal News Service) (Posted on Jan, 20th 2009)
God of our weary years, God of our silent tears, thou who has brought us thus far along the way, thou who has by thy might led us into the light, keep us forever in the path, we pray, lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met thee, lest our hearts, drunk with the wine of the world, we forget thee. Shadowed beneath thy hand may we forever stand — true to thee, O God, and true to our native land.

  We truly give thanks for the glorious experience we’ve shared this day. We pray now, O Lord, for your blessing upon thy servant, Barack Obama, the 44th president of these United States, his family and his administration. He has come to this high office at a low moment in the national and, indeed, the global fiscal climate. But because we know you got the whole world in your hand, we pray for not only our nation, but for the community of nations. Our faith does not shrink, though pressed by the flood of mortal ills.

  For we know that, Lord, you’re able and you’re willing to work through faithful leadership to restore stability, mend our brokenness, heal our wounds and deliver us from the exploitation of the poor or the least of these and from favoritism toward the rich, the elite of these.

  We thank you for the empowering of thy servant, our 44th president, to inspire our nation to believe that, yes, we can work together to achieve a more perfect union. And while we have sown the seeds of greed — the wind of greed and corruption, and even as we reap the whirlwind of social and economic disruption, we seek forgiveness and we come in a spirit of unity and solidarity to commit our support to our president by our willingness to make sacrifices, to respect your creation, to turn to each other and not on each other.

And now, Lord, in the complex arena of human relations, help us to make choices on the side of love, not hate; on the side of inclusion, not exclusion; tolerance, not intolerance.

And as we leave this mountaintop, help us to hold on to the spirit of fellowship and the oneness of our family. Let us take that power back to our homes, our workplaces, our churches, our temples, our mosques, or wherever we seek your will.

Bless President Barack, First Lady Michelle. Look over our little, angelic Sasha and Malia.

We go now to walk together, children, pledging that we won’t get weary in the difficult days ahead. We know you will not leave us alone, with your hands of power and your heart of love.

Help us then, now, Lord, to work for that day when nation shall not lift up sword against nation, when tanks will be beaten into tractors, when every man and every woman shall sit under his or her own vine and fig tree, and none shall be afraid; when justice will roll down like waters and righteousness as a mighty stream.

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around — (laughter) — when yellow will be mellow — (laughter) — when the red man can get ahead, man — (laughter) — and when white will embrace what is right.

Let all those who do justice and love mercy say amen.


REV. LOWERY: Say amen –


REV. LOWERY: — and amen.

AUDIENCE: Amen! (Cheers, applause.)

 Title / Mixes By:
Tributes: In Loving Memory of Alex Njuguna (aka Waiganjo) &


Came across some Kenyans killing it ........ but before I lay this down, let me say this as a DJ - I've been to many gigs & I can honestly say this:

 1 // The last time I saw a wide variety of hot & decent Kenyan dance styles on a SINGLE dance floor almost at par with the video clip below with Larry Asego & Crew (albeit dancers in large numbers ) was as follows respectively: @ Memorial Weekend Out hosted by Kenda Ladies) May 2008 & May 2005 - Dallas, TX, IRB Rugby USA Sevens hosted by USASEVENS, KenyaExiles RFC & KenyaVibe) in Feb. 2005 - Los Angeles, CA @  .. & last but not least Njeri & Kioni's Wedding in Oct. 2005 - Dallas, TX.

 2 // Kenyans can get down on it - roho juu (with a heart)! They have no problem getting back up (even at old age where others can get down yes, but getting up is another whole different story).

 3 // Kenyans dance like as if they are on a dance pay roll  (if it were possible wish, they would be rich w/ large mansions w/ large dance floors with signs @ their entrance saying " formerly a gymnasium ".

 4 // Give Kenyans a Good DJ, Artist or Band. They will make an owner of a building call the A/C technician to " fix " the A/C every time Kenyans rent the place. C'mon, the A/C ain't broken - it's us wananchi species that dance a little bit too much, ... then at the end of the day the we wananchi species will complain " you guyz took as to a venue with no A/C but anyways it's kool coz tuli ji enjoy "

  According to Larry Asego, some people are 60 Yrs & over (i.e. Mc Cain & over), & still holding to their youth i.e. they are so up to date with today's youth ways (wamechanuka). esh! The dancers (video below) are talented especially Larry (the Lead) & the Girl. So far having watched a fair number of the Churchill Live shows on Youtube (NTV Channel), I find this particular segment of an episode to be a viral video - a video clip which will be sambazwad / spread so much as we (Kenyans) connect to the dance moves quite well ... (Continued below)

00:38 Twist Dance // Super Mazembe - Bwana Nipe Pesa.
01.24 - Kwasa Kwasa Dance  // Kanda Bongoman - Inde Moni.
02.26 - Ndombolo Dance // Extra Musica - Etat Major.
03:38 - Kuku Dance // Chameleon - Mama Mia.
04:40 - Slide Dance // E-Sir - Mos Mos.
05:35 - Mosquito Dance // Mr. Vegas - Heads High.
06:15 - Kangaroo Dance // Anthony B - Real Warrior. ***** (esh!)
07:05 - Dutty Wine Dance // Beenie Man Ft. Brooke Valentine - Dutty Wine Gal.

  Before we get to watch part 2 the USA Version, my question is: surely, how could Larry & Crew leave out Rare Watts Dance (Rare Watts), Soukous Dance (Soukous Party) & Pirate Dance (Jam City) for us kids of 80's & 90's ..... Anyways kudos for fusing in the Slide Dance // E-Sir - Mos Mos (@ 04:40) That where I was left. Walala! The Kangaroo Dance who can do it better?

  Of all the entertainment guests brought to stage on Churchill Live, so far personally this group DOES THE CUT. The term " performed " is an understatement - THEY DELIVERED! LIVE LIVE! Creativity is no longer a thing from the Western World. They connected with the crowd ...... kinda like the trio - The Rare Rats / Rare Watts did (though honestly you will agree with me - the " rare " had rare mad skills of another level. They should have won the FIAT UNO. They were off the meter, off the hinges FULLSTOP!)

 One would wonder how many Kenyan Live shows can be able to top this one. Will the master himself - Churchill be able to top this particular episode ft. Larry Asego (who is a host by the way) & his Crew? I'd love to give credit to all the dancers by name but unfortunately I don't know their names. If anyone knows the dancer/s, e-mail me their names & I'll gladly give credit where it's due. Good Job NTV & Churchill for a job well done.

 Since biblical times, dancing has been one of mankind's greatest form of entertainment. If you doubt me, make sure you watch the NEXT clip right below. How many views? 107,000,000 + views! Yes! It is the most watched viewed on Youtube (& of course on the internet)

 AOB: Now we are waiting on the gobos .... (sheng ya Dallas, TX for akata's) with their dances - Ricky Bobby Dance, Walk That Walk Dance, Stanky Legg Dance e.t.c.

Chalo XP.


Africa Rhythms (Dallas) are sorry to inform you that the November 29 Dallas Concert has been cancelled.

 J B Mpiana feels that the promoter who brought them to the US has not respected the terms of their contract. He is therefore canceling his entire USA tour for breach of contract & returning to Congo.

 For those that had purchased advance tickets, Africa Rhythms will gladly refund them. Contacts

 Africa Rhythms (Dallas) apologizes for this inconvenience as it is a situation neither that neither them SBN Productions had any control over.




LAUGHTER THE BEST MEDICINE (Posted on Sep, 26th 2008)
Below is a compilation / playlist of some of my favorite comical videos on Youtube. Make sure you check video # 4, a FLASHBACK TO 1992 ....." Tukisema mwende, hamwendi! " LOL. Tribute to Nyengese. Lots of great talent the group had, taking the laughter in the streets on Nairobi (Aga Khan Walk) decibels higher. Unfortunately all the members are now deceased.

  AOB: If you lived in Buru, esp. Buru Buru Phase 4 - Victoria (France), Kencost (Dallas), or went to Nairobi University Campus, pay attention on the video at time 0.24. The man in blue shirt right behind the lead actor. Ironically Isn't that Dr. Jacob Kaimenyi the Dentist? Nairobi Campus School of Dentistry. I know I was still riding tires & swinging on the gates hey ..... but I have a very good memory. Laughter the best medicine. (Video # 4). 

  To view the next or previous video, simply point the cursor towards the Youtube screen, then click on the arrows < or > located on the left or right side of the screen. I guarantee you'll enjoy a few (if not all) the videos.

 Chalo XP.


JOURNEY TO THE PAST (Posted on Aug, 20th 2008)
 Felt I had to share this track titled Journey To The Past by an artist who is definitely a favorite to many - the late Aaliyah (RIP) (Jan. 16th 1979 - Aug. 25th Aug. 2001)

 I have loved this track from the day the CD single was released back in around 97/98. The lyrics never cease to cut deep every time I listen to the song. Aaliyah's ever smooth voice - is simply an A - a perfect, & when combined with beats in the pop version, ..... AWESOME is the word that describes the outcome.

 As young as Aaliyah was during the track release in 1997, (when her main stream fans were mainly the teens), this particular track proved otherwise i.e. to be even more appealing in the HOT TOP 40 ADULT TRACKS category as well, despite the song's video being a cartoon (as it was an SDTK for Anastasia), it apparently was getting more air play / was more appealing to the adults in the US than the teen fans. IMHO the deep lyrics that the song made the song receive a good response from the adults, making the track stay on the top 40 hits on the US Billboard chards in the adult category.

 The track was more of a hit in the UK than it was in the US. I remember back in 98 I kept borrowing this CD Single (UK Version) from one of my younger sisters (Stella) & listening to Aaliyah's marvelous soulful voice over & over with the songs deep lyrics. Often (if not almost always) this song made/makes me question moments in a human's life - happy & sad moments. 


Outside The Lines: Running From The Past (An ESPN Feature) (Posted on Aug, 19th 2008)


MBIO ZA SAKAFUNI ........ )*/)*/)* (Posted on Aug, 8th 2008)
Today is )*?)*?)* - 08/08/08 the date when close to billions of athletics fans worldwide start to be glued to their runinga sets (TV) for the next couple of days until the 24th of August. Today marks the beginning of Mbio Za Sakafuni .... Huishia Beijing Day. To all our Kenyan Sisters & Brothers who put in their hard work & are now finally representing our 'Jamhuri Ya KENYA ' at the 2008 - 29th World Olympics, all the best wishes in the Birds Nest in Beijing, China.

  AOB: PS. Sisters & Brothers (Brothers as well this time round LOL - for those who remember the airlift to attend the Beijing Women Conference led by Nyiva Mwenda which empowered Kenyan women to come back na Nguvu Zaidi kama za Wonder Woman)

  This takes me way back in 1987 as very small kids when our Daddy took us his children plus our close neighbors kids Marcos & Mathenge (7UP) to attend the 4th All Africa Games held at Moi International Sports Center - Kasarani, almost during the entire sports season (August 1, 1987 to August 12, 1987) just to sadly see our brodas (brothers) like Innocent Egbunike beat KENYA in short distance athletes but come the long distances u already know wsup ........... & as if those laps were not enough, our country's athletes would still chapa (do) those " Tuko Fiti Kama Patco Lap Of Honor "

  I was hardly 10 Yrs old, but I remember vividly those days Daddy riding us almost everyday to the games, while we read the Official Comic book of the Games (A Yellowish Simba cartoon book with insides pages in black & white). We kids were all dressed up with the 4th All African metallic circular badges (you already know badges were the real deal then for kids).

 The car's radio system was on Sauti Ya Kenya mode (aka V.O.K) playing a nice song by Prisons Band Choir (still searching for this song to date). Just like Athletics, I liked the song so much & the choir itself even more. On that note someone comes to mind the one & only - Tony Ondeng! LOL. The song went like this ...

Moi International Sports Centre,
Moi International Sports Centre,
Elfu Moja Mia Tisa Themanini Na Saba ni ...

Chalo XP.



THE DAY KENYA STOOD STILL - AUGUST 7TH 1998 (Posted on Aug, 7th 2008) (Article To Be Continued)
  Today marks the 10th Year since the East Africa bombings. A day which our beloved country KENYA stood shaken. A sad day where Kenyans were seen as ONE - A UNITED NATION.

  To all the people who very sadly & painfully lost their dear lives in the embassy bombings in Kenya & Tanzania in August 1998, May they all RIP. You are all remembered.

  Many Kenyans especially the one who lost loved ones have memories of this sad day often certainly. My prayer is that God provides you with lots of good memories to cherish life you had with you loved ones, memories to keep you calm when all seems not to be well. Memories of your loved ones which make you proud, make you laugh, make you make wise decisions ..... e.t.c.

  Watch the video (below) on the tragic Kenya bombing. Survivors narrate the ordeal & tough smart US FBI agent grills one of the Suicidal Bombers who finally starts opening up by saying ... Our Enemy is Not KENYA  ........

Chalo XP.



Probably when one reads this thread's header so quickly, one might supposedly assume that this thread is related to violence in certain games used in Playstation games, ....... however that's not what the thread is about. I deeply felt I had to share this information mainly because it's matter affecting poor nations in our continent Africa & probably other poverty stricken nations around the world.

  Whether you are / are or not an electronics hobbyist, chances are at one point you have heard of an Electronic component known as a Capacitor. If you are in electronics field then definitely you know the type of capacitor known as a - Tantalum Capacitor which is used in several sorts electronic circuit boards found in both consumer & commercial electronic goods.

  Now, what many people (including electronics hobbyist/junkies) might not be aware of is how/or what this component - Tantalum Capacitor is made of. Tantalum capacitors are made from powder extracted from an unrefined Metal Ore know as COLTAN.

  Most consumers can remember that back in 2000 how the demand of Playstation 2 video game was so high that Sony was having a tough time coping with the consumer market demand. Long lines at places like Fry's, Best Buy, Circuit City ......... e.t.c. Sony needed to manufacture more units to meet the consumers demand (economics basics of " Demand Vs. Supply " ) thus meaning they needed more Tantalum Capacitors (at the best price probably - economics again) to produce more Sony Playstations 2 which meant third party component manufactures / suppliers of Tantalum Capacitors to Sony needed more raw material (Coltan) which when in powder form is used to manufacture Tantalum Capacitors.

  How does the motherland Africa come in? This is how now Africa comes in. Allegedly, the demand for Coltan prompted Rwandan military groups & western mining companies to plunder hundreds of millions of dollars worth of the rare metal, often by forcing POW's prisoners-of-war & even children to work in the country's coltan mines." Kids in Congo were being sent down mines to die so that kids in Europe & America could kill imaginary aliens in their living rooms," said Ex-British Parliament Member Oona King. This was part of the main reason why the world price of the powder went up from $49/pound to a whopping $275/pound, resulting in the frenzied scouring of the Congolese hills known for being ripe with the raw material Coltan.

  Sony has since sworn off using tantalum acquired from the Congo, claiming that current builds of the PS2, PSP and PS3 consoles are sourced from a variety of mines in several different countries. PS. The Sony Playstation 2 is the leading game console of all time having sold over 140 Million pieces.

  More details: Yahoo


NAIJA BOYZ @ IT AGAIN - LOLLIPOP (REMIX) (Posted on July, 15th 2008)
Our Ninja Naija Brodas from the west are @ it again with yet another correcto remix of the music video - Lollipop.

  2 words - Creative & Comical. Nice Audio Visual effects at: 00:21-0:22, 2:15-2:28  & 2:47-2:50. Enjoy video below.

  AOB: Pioneer SVM 1000. Solid!

  I had to sit down & type word for word the narration of some parts of the video clip below. This is just simply hilarious comedy. The clip is from NTV's feature " Bulls Eye", host being none other than Emmanuel Juma with his infamous Mwananchi accent.

 Emmanu narrates as follows .... " Forgive me to ask, are they Animals or Humans? Listen & Watch. From the posture & dressing, one can say they are human beings - Real people or " Watu" if you like. But are they? NO! NO! NO!. They are animals! Funny animals! .... & may be ...... just may be they are a kind of creatures that are still evolving ........."

  Surely Emmanu, did you have to make fun of the guy in the blue jeans? LOL " Look at the Man in the blue Jeans, Tough eeeh " LOL. Ati " Attacked By Bees ".

Title / Mixes By: A Little Bit Of This (& That) - Dj Xp
Artists: Various Artists.


- HAPPY PEOPLE TOGETHER AS ONE (Posted on June 4th, 2008) (+ Updated on June 24th, 2008 ~ Montage # 2)
It's dubbed the " The Annual Memorial Weekend Reunion Weekend Out ". It only happens once in a Year in DALLAS, TX. The event came & went BUT our grateful hearts continue to say a big thanks to all those who have gave us support again for 8th time. We are still out of words!

  I Chalo XP on behalf of the rest of the organizing committee KENDA Ladies (Pati, Gracie & Faythe), Dj Josh & Dj Sisqo are very thankful for all the families - Kenyans & non Kenyans, local & out of state & beyond, young & young at heart who turned out in large numbers for this Annual get together summer event. Without your continuous support, it would have not been possible for this event to grow bigger & bigger as the years have gone by.

  Big thanks to several DFW Kenyan families who hosted lots of guests - families & friends from out of town. To show our appreciation, we plan to host a FREE BBQ in appreciation of your support directly & indirectly.

  Special thanks goes out to our exclusive sponsor MONEYGRAM INC. for their continuous support of Kenyan diaspora family events around the USA & also providing affordable channels for Kenyans to send money back to our beloved nation as well. Remember, you as well can start earning up to 10% off all eligible money transfers through the new MoneyGram Rewards program (Sign up at MYMONEYGRAM.COM )

  A word of thanks to the owners of the venues in which the events were hosted especially Ken & Fred, also not forgetting food caterers who kept most of us well fed - Kangethe & Sammy.

  As for the sports men - DALLAS IMPIS RUGBY TEAM & Kenyan DJ's / Promoters who kept us entertained or supported us in one way or another, it is always an honor teaming with you all. We thank you all for you continuous support .... DJ FRANCHIZE (aka Sound Boy), DJ SLIM, DJ DULO, DJ STURE, DJ DONGAR, DJ ONE, DJ PINYE, GROOVE SQUAD DJs, DJ ALLAN, KABUGI THE DJ (aka Boogie), DJ OSCAR, DJ KILLBILL, KING KEVO & MANDUGU DJs ........

 Special thanks to Tony Mpishi (Oklahoma), Dynamiq (Houston), Lexxy (Of XYZ) (Dallas) & Wyre the Lovechild (of the group East Africa Bashment Crew who was scheduled to perform but due to a last minute family emergency in Nairobi, Kenya he could not make it for the reunion. We hope the best for his family).

 Appreciation for hype man & strong Obama supporter - Mc NICK NGEI (OH) for turning the Sunday BBQ & Car Show @ Windsurfbay Park into a campaign for Rais Obama. " Yote ya wezekana na Obama manake akiwa Rais, no more helicopters kwa park! Au sio? " (LOL on Saturday - Rugby).

  Much appreciation to all the promoters websites local & out of town namely

 Big thanks to photographer Edy Ed (Dallas) for the Youtube montages (above) not forgetting Mc Frank (Dallas) the Videographer & Mc.

 Once again thanks all. To all the who represented in our event from all corners of the world - Houston, Minnesota, Kansas, Boston, Oklahoma, Detroit, Nairobi ...... One Love.

 AOB: I have never seen such a large group of Africans TOGETHER AS ONE in the USA (especially on Sunday @ the Lake Reunion BBQ & Car Show the only venue with ample land to carry the Kenyan diasporas.) PS. Next year we are doing it outside here - @ American Airlines Center LOL (Yote ya wezekana na Obama)

Chalo XP.

Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_125.JPG Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_104.jpg
Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_126.JPG Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_008.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_017.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_012.jpg
Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_127.JPG Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_123.JPG Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_011.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_032.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_109.JPG Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_001.jpg
Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_027.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_029.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_010.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_023.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_019.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_133.JPG  Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_136.JPG Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_031.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_046.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_036.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_038.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_022.jpg  Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_002.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_015.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_009.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_134.JPG
Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_098.jpg Memorial_Weekend_2008_Sunday_Lake_Reunion_-_Dallas,_TX_025.jpg


SIJUI NISEME! (Posted on May, 28th 2008)
  2 words - " THANKS ALL " for your support last weekend (Memorial Weekend). I'll expound on those 2 words into a paragraphs in a few ....... in the meantime more fun can be found in the u below - Soccer? Dance? Mashup? ........ ?????? (Beni - ???) LOL

   Chalo XP



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For the past 7 Years, the Greater Dallas, TX Kenyan Community has always guaranteed to deliver to their motto - " Bigger & Better "
Families Reunion. There is an English saying that goes… "A picture is worth a thousand words", & If that is the case, then how many words would a video be?

 Well, for those of you who didn't make it last year, catch a glimpse of what went down. This is simply a True definition of a Reunion ... a Video focusing on the people - THE THOUSANDS OF WANANCHI, (not just focusing on the performers on stage Artists, DJs, Cars e.t.c.)

  Photos give us a rough idea, Videos give us a taste of presence, ...... & Presence gives us the true experience - REALITY. For those new to the Dallas, TX event, you might think all these peeps are not one of our own -
..... LOL na bado! Relax if the " Drive By Shooting " (as in video shooting) below is shocking to you, wait until it starts raining ..... (as in not raining RAIN, but raining Wananchi). The park was full to the other end! Every one be bumping their own music ..... (oooh how we l love parking lots LOL) It doesn't mean you will miss meeting your friends .... It just means you will have to pull up your socks & walk, cycle or drive around more at the parks.

Memorial Weekend Out - Kenyan Reunion - Dallas, TX

  7 PM is known as the Climax time. It's when a common line from the newbie's surfaces - " Yaani where did all this people come from? "  The Video shot below was shot at a time when were still arriving earlier on a typical Saturday afternoon of a Memorial Weekend Out Reunion in Dallas, TX. Don't even ask about the infamous Memorial Sunday Weekend Out Re-union now that is where now wananchi OFFICIALLY - OFFICIALLY - OFFICIALLY shut it down - BIG DALLAS style - Flava in the air style - Nyamachoma Scent & Music all in the air. OGOPA!

  Little did I know that US of the A soil "supposedly" had rally drivers aka the " OGOPA Racing Team ". Were they KC peeps @ the Car show Sunday? I don't even know. Just like rally drivers, come rain or sunshine it was still rally time. For 7 years straight not even rain has ever stopped wananchi from going outdoors. If the last time you saw wananchi in gumboots was in Primo, the last year then there was a Primary School Gumboot Reunion. eti " eeh It's Memorial !"

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THE OFFICIAL - 8TH MEMORIAL WEEKEND OUT REUNION 2008 - DALLAS, TX - (Posted on March, 21st 2008)
.....   THE KENDA LADIES group in conjunction with the GREATER Dallas, TX Kenyan community are proud once again to be the OFFICIAL hosts of the 8TH Annual Memorial Weekend Out Kenyan Reunion in Dallas, TX from Thursday May 22nd - Monday May 26th 2008.

   The motto " Bigger & Better " has always stood out as the years have passed by. For those new to this annual Dallas tradition, the event outing takes place during the 'long' Memorial Weekend holiday (observed on the last Monday of the month of May) attracting thousands of Kenyans overseas mainly from the USA & Canada.

  Memorial Weekend Out Kenyan Reunion remains to be the most attended Kenyan Diaspora family event worldwide to date - 8 YEARS in a row in the city with the LARGEST population of Kenyan Diaspora in the entire U.S.A - DALLAS, TX (DFW - DALLAS / FORT WORTH).

  While maintaining originality & bringing freshness to the table, this year the DFW Kenyan community will once again host great day time family events namely - Mega BBQ's, Fun full Children's activities, Sports, Entertainment, Bazaars (Mainly Food, African Clothing Gear, Music, Video e.t.c.) & Car shows. African & other International delicacies will be served in plenty.

  Blazing hot Entertainment will be provided courtesy of your own favorite HOTTEST & NEWEST Kenyan talents - Artists & DJ talents drawn from across the 'US of the A'  - Oklahoma, Boston, Michigan, New Jersey, California, Atlanta, Minnesota, Delaware, Kansas just to mention a few ....... & last but not least talents str8 from the streets of Nairobi.

  Fast Forward the Cold Spring & Pause the Hot Summer.


Memorial Weekend Out - Kenyan Reunion - Dallas, TX

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972-921-3597 || 214-306-1877 || 469-835-0593




WHO IS THE DAILY FOOL? (Posted April, 01 2007)
Believe you me, I was one of the gullible one's LOL (through a product promotion on e-mail) .... so I had to make sure "we" were going to be a enough fools ....... aka 'tuko wengi feeling'.  It was all about convincing a few peeps as early as possible (esp. West Coast friends coz of the time zone factor) ... prior to them catching the drift by receiving a million & one jaw dropping SMS'.

  I believed a good hearted hoax for one of us was more appropriate than an April Fools hoax relating to recent political events in , or wasee wa "Maji Ya Barafu" (translate) ....... coz wananchi would faint on the highway with shock LOL Mr. Georgie Ndambuki on I-635 or Mr. Leo Faya (aka Mr. Sema Ngwe / Low Frequency) clocking 75MPH @ the bend on the intersection of I-10/I-45 in Son of Francisco (A Bay Bay area)

  Back to the TXT? ..... Apparently the Breaking News was from Associated Press - AP News (or should it have been AF News LOL) A " "  wins $75 Million jackpot Lotto in Dallas, TX. I sent out the SMS in bulk then immediately turned of the phone .... (You've Reached the Voice Mail of ...) Oh well did I mention the winner as per the TEXT was " De La Soul " (i.e. Me, Myself & I)

  While surfing / googling around AF (April Fools) pranks around the world, I came across an article on Yahoo stating that April Fools Pranks are up by 40% as compared to last year. Do read the reasons in the here Yahoo Link - Comic Stimulus. It proves Uchumi ni ngumu ( Economy is Tough) coz probably that's why I also must have come with the $75 Million April Fools hoax earlier on.

  More surfing & surfing .... something told me to check whether the domain name WWW.APRILFOOLS.COM existed or rather available for purchase. Apparently the domain was registered thus it was not available for purchase. Despite the website NOT having enough 'foolish' content, it had something interesting - a Newspaper with a headline titled "April Fools Day Cancelled by Bush". Pay close attention to the image below. What do you notice?

   PS. I'm NOT the one who edited it. If you do not believe that, clicking on the image to be directed to the website to view the very same newspaper image (though the  image is hosted externally i.e. not on the same server as their server). For those who cannot notice anything, please stop by Wal-Mart & grab some carrots, save the image somewhere on your comp. & then zoom in. What do you See & Read? XXXXX For Diplomacy?

  AP News - April Politics -  Interesting April Politics News for Daily Fools. As Benson Wanjau (aka Mzee Ojwang' Hatari Manganga Sibwor Brrr Otoyo Esquaya) would say," Gazeti na kaa very Pamela"!

  AOB: I'm sure some of you received TEXTS about Ruto which reminds me of this e-mail from an anonymous person with a link asking - What Should We Do With Ruto

Chalo XP.



I AM FROM A TRIBE CALLED KISII ... SORRY KENYA - (Posted on Feb. 14th 2008)
Well, that heading was the message at the just concluded 2008 Annual Rugby 7's at the Petco Park, San Diego, CA where New Zealand scoped the victory. The games are normally held 8 times annually in 8 different Nations around the globe namely Dubai, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, Australia, England & Scotland respectively.

 Day 1 - The Kenya team did represent to their capacities e.g. by beating Chile & Canada 37-0 & 19-7 respectively. Later the Kenya team struggled to try trounce the Argentineans but unfortunately they (Kenya) lost results being 19-12.

  The T-shirt slogan I AM FROM A TRIBE CALLED KENYA (courtesy of Charles Muigai a committee member KCDFW - Kenya Community Dallas Fort worth) seems to have replaced other famous T-shirt lines e.g. " Jaluo In Da House " slogan which were not seen this year but were vividly seen in the past couple of years at the Rugby 7's.

  Tribal T-shirts were/are great ways of expressing genuine love for one's tribe, but at this sensitive time our nation is going through, the love for one's tribe had/has to be extended to a group of tribes to make a new tribe called "
".  KENYA was the message ....... & the message was KENYA - KENYANS AS ONE.

  Another catchy  .......


  Another catchy T-shirt line -  " God created Kenya to assist rugby take over the world. What’s your excuse? " It reminds me of an old Manchester T-Shirt quote ....." & on the Seventh Day God Created MANchester." Why it said the seventh day? I don't know! What I know is man was created by God on the sixth day & He (God) rested on the seventh day.

  Compared to the past 4 years at the 7's, the attendance of Kenyans in Day 1 was lower indeed, but no doubt Kenyans did put effort to represent their country as one people. As for Day 2 attendances, majority of wananchi (aka February pilgrims) knows how the attendance is - it's often been lower than Day 1 reasons attributed to Kenya's performance in the previous day (Day 1) & exhaustion from mad heckling (insane cheering) plus staying up late the previous day/night.

  The 2005 rugby 7's held in LA (Los Angeles) remains to be the record holder in terms on attendance by the Kenyan Community, followed by the 2007 rugby 7's in SD (San Diego). Lowest ever was the 1st Rugby 7's in the year 2004 - Los Angeles, CA.

Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_001.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diegol_CA_064.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_007.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_005.jpg
Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_008.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_003.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_021.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_022.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_035.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_046.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_044.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_081.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_095.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_066.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_107.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_139.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_150.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_147.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_128.jpg Rugby_7_s_2008_-_San_Diego,_CA_127.jpg


  The message at the stadium was exactly as the late Lucky Dube (RIP) put it in his - Different Colors One People. It is amazing to be reminded how much a number of the Mzungus (foreigners) know about our beloved Nation - Kenya.

 The questions I faced from them about the crisis in our country, their views, their love of Kenya as tourist destination ........e.t.c. were all amazing. Stuff like having long conversations with mzungus asking how are things in Kibera, going to a restaurant with absolutely no minority people & seeing a mzungu shaking those small Kenyan flags on a stick like a mad man (flags as usual supplied at the stadium by the one & only JD - Dallas, TX) & also meeting Argentineans telling you long true stories of a country which they are NOT from -
  Props to the Kenyan California Community who played a big role in hosting the Kenyan community in San Diego. Much respect to all Kenyan who attended the games, USASEVENS for having hosted the games & last but not least the California host family of promoters - After7's (Andrew, Dani Boy, Richo, Sarah & Tony), Indagroove Ent. (DJ Slim), KenyanVibe (Baduu), Lipps4Soul Ent. (DJ Stevo from Los Angeles), MyUltimatePrize (Mike & Shiru), NagiEvents (Nancy & Gideon), Studio D Ent. (DJ Dennis) & TrueBlaq Ent. (Dickie).

 AOB: Need to get the song by Prisons Choir (Kenya) - Lugha Ya Mama composed by JOSEPH OSUMBA (Linked to article - " When disability is no barrier to success " on Standard Newspapers). Definitely he is a gifted choir master whose works is still cherished by many of us & beyond.

 Partial Lyrics Of The Song - Lugha Ya Mama

Lugha Ya Mama Ni Tamu, Lugha Ya Kiasili ......

   Ponge We Mama, Ponge We Dada, Ponge We Ndugu Kwa Kujifundisha Lugha ......


If you believe that Wananchi peeps are amongst the few who listen to House Music (rare watts dancing to "take me away" song kinda jams) ..... well there are cats (as in paka in swahili not cats / people lol) spinning the wax (records) scratching the records & yet again literally scratching the records albeit with their claws. As the 1st song plays, the MC /  hype man hollas "Check this out" .... then the next song's chorus (Big Fun) goes like .... " we having a big fun".

 AOB: Memories take me back to the days when dad called Rare Watts "The Rare Rats". The days when Chicago's - Steve Silk Hurley the producer touched any song, did a remix & it went gold - Jomanda, Crystal Waters, Mariah Carey e.t.c. The type of house music we (wananchi wa) listen to is not just called house music - it's called Chicago House Music. eeeh got a plane to catch next flight to diego in 10mins. Current stop over is in this land of slot machines - Las Vegas. S.Gatume, why is burgerking @ the uwanja wa ndege charging this much - 2.5 times the regular prices @#$%%&

Chalo XP.


HNY 2008 once again all, & may our beloved country's philosophy of Peace, Love & Unity dwell amongst us all.

  We the Diaspora are all aware what our country Kenya has/is going through - the toughest post independence time ever in her history. Our prayers, condolences & support goes out to the bereaved & displaced families.

  We all agree amongst ourselves that there is much more which can be done by we Kenyans in Diaspora which can be of impact & meaning besides offering prayers & condolences. Something that will not only unite Kenyans but also chip in to assist in the current crisis facing our nation by doing something which will draw attention back home through the media print, radio, television & recorded media that as Kenyans in Diaspora - we cared in unity, by coming together for a worthy cause in different USA cities. The plan is to start with an impact; a grand entrance, but where do we start from with that GRAND entrance?




 As we take our weekend time off to unite in the spirit of UMOJA to support our Kenyan National Rugby team in the upcoming Annual IRB Rugby 7's in San Diego CA on Feb. 8th-10th 2008, we plan to leave a mark behind, a message behind, a history behind - that together as Kenyans, we did put our differences aside, ethnicity aside & whatever other issues aside to unite together under the umbrella - "Umoja Ni Nguvu" to assist Kenyans in crisis back home.

  Not by words but by actions shall we build our country. Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by those who are doing it, henceforth the California Kenyan Family of promoters in conjunction with the GREATER hosts - the Kenyan Families (California Love) & several Kenyan special events promoters from various cities in the U.S.A are gathering their heads together in UMOJA (Unity) to keep our Kenyan patriotic dreams alive at this time of crisis to CREATE A MEMORABLE POSITIVE IMPACT.

  Rugby Sevens is the # 1 sporting event on Kenyans Diaspora calendar both in the US & UK thus the reason behind the considerable high attendance. The 2008 USA Rugby (IRB) Sevens is the closest event (in dates) to the current political crisis in Kenya. Its an International sporting event in which 16 teams from 16 nations participate. Kenyans fans in attendance (USA, UK, Canada e.t.c) are more represented than any other nation in the tournament. As promoters, our plans are to use this sporting / social event as a Grand entrance to mobilize Kenyans 1 on 1 as true patriots to mainly put our nation on the picture to assist our people, just as much as we come to socialize. We all do have our own personal dreams / ambitions; lets therefore put our nation Kenya as a great part of our dreams.

 We will keep you posted shortly of our plans to make the 2008 Rugby 7's to be of more meaning & impact to our nation - Kenya as compared to any other Kenyan Diaspora events ever held we in the past in the US.

AOB: The Rugby 7's Dreams (San Diego 2008) Mix posted earlier this week was removed to temporarily to be posted later. The rest of the Rugby7's mixes Banjuka One More Time  Mix & Sevens Mashed Up Mix will also be posted later with the full Rugby 7's related events updates. Stay tuned.

Regards, Chalo Xp.

Day of Deals - Couple on Roller Coaster (300x250)

WHAT WOULD BE THE RESPONSE? (Posted on Jan. 21st 2008)
Assuming she (Nokulunga Buthelezi) has another hustle / job by the side besides doing what she does best as seen on the video below, & that her other job happened to be in the finance (lending industry), then during a financial discussion a client asks her - " How flexible are you? " I wonder what her response would be? Now imagine if she's registered at the local gym (akina 24 hr fitness) people will get hurt bana ...... coz of dropping weider (weights) on themselves in SHOCK !!  - Maajabu Ya Musa.



Na Uhiki iendele. Presenting to you Mr. & Mrs. Mwangi (to be). Susan Wangui weds Richard Mwangi Mugeke. Another 20's (Twenties) couple - ..... It's never too early to settle.
  I got acquainted to Suzie (smile ya kilo kumi na nusu) recently through Richard (aka Shopkeeper Route # 58 - Phase 4). We grew up together with Richard (Richa) since childhood & were in the same primary school & grade at St. Michael's Primary School - My Pride My Joy - the pillar & foundation of knowledge amongst family & a list of my friends.

  If I was asked to use a few words to describe Mwangi, the first word to chomoka my mouth would be Intelligent - the 2nd most Intelligent Kenyan I have ever known to date (right after Elizabeth Ashiali to be precise). Definitely Richa's choice of the first lady (Suzie) had to be a well calculated one - as the saying goes, beside every successful Man ...... there is a Wangui.

  Mwangi is a TRUE friend. Besides praying to God asking him to bless their union, I don't know where else to begin to describe him briefly ........ but I'll be back to finish the article once I post a musical lap of honor (Mixology) for Mr. & Mrs. Mwas. To be continued.

  Reference: PB - Precious Blood (Riruta). Patch - Nairobi School (Boarding).

  AOB - My respects to all the following teachers & workers of this public school - " Sainty "  pronounced " Sent-e ". They brought out the best in most children from education to sports. Alphabetically - Mr. Githaiga, Mr. Kiarie, Mr. Kimamo, Mr. Kinuthia, Mr. Kotin, Mr. Miheso, Mr. Mtula, Mr. Mwanzige, Mr. Ndirangu (Headmaster), Mr. Okumu (Worker), Mrs. Adongo, Mrs. Babu, Mrs. Bukachi, Mrs. Igecha, Mrs. Igobwa, Mrs. Kangoroto, Mrs. Lusega, Mrs. Mburu, Mrs. Muchina, Mrs. Muthami, Mrs. Mutisya, Mrs. Muturi, Mrs. Mwangi (2), Mrs. Ndaraja, Mrs. Nyabera, Mrs. Owade, Mrs. Shitaka, Mrs. Thuo & Mrs. Wachira (2).

  Regards Charles Opore.



She's *Bak* Full Swing  (Posted on Wed. Dec. 12th 2007)
  Oops .... She did it again. Lo & behold! Mama wa Taifa is back to her norm, she just pulled a Longombas on an MC (Master of Ceremony) today 12th Dec. (Jamhuri Day). If you are wondering the reason why the MC was slapped, then chances are Lucy would pull " a Longombas " on you too.

  The article will be in the "True" Newspapers (LOL) tomorrow. Will post the links. Word from a reliable source is that there will be no recorded media surfacing anywhere in other words, for the Youtuber's, ...... - the media tapes were confiscated!

  Who is Wambui? President Bak's second wife (supposedly) i.e. Ms. Mary Wambui. Could it be that the MC alikuwa amefinyiwa kitu na opposition to bring mieleka (wrestling) between Mamashida & Mamacita? Siasa ya Kenya .....!

  AOB: Where did I chomoa such terms - " Pull a Longombas & Mamashida " ? Well, I received a call from ?  & as we talked politics news the story came up while I was mashing what? .....
DOWLOAD HERE (Right Click, then Click on "Save Target As")

  Collie B. (or probably Kajairo) would lyrically put it this way .... Mamashida Unaleta Shida, Mamacita Anashindwa, Unashinda, Ukiwapiga ............. or would it be Mamashida Umeshinda, Mamacita Ameshindwa, Kukatika, Umeshinda - referring to the Youtube video (posted on this page towards the bottom) showing Lucy aki Ba Ba Ba Kibaki Juu.

  Update: Read the article in the Standard Newspaper MC slapped at State House Jamhuri function

Lucy Apiga Makofi



MUSIC LEGEND SHOT DEAD (Posted on Thurs. Oct. 18th 2007)
Different Colors 1 People was his message. It's with great sadness that many receive the news of the passing away of one of the worlds leading reggae African artist LUCKY PHILIP DUBE (43) who was shot dead during a car hijacking attempt late today afternoon Thursday Oct. 18 (8.20 PM night time in South Africa) in Rosette Ville, Johannesburg.

  It is reported that he was dropping of his 15yr old Son at his brothers house when it happened. Unconfirmed sources report that his 16yr daughter was also present at the scene. His son was already out of the vehicle run to ask for help. After being shot, he run his car - a Chrysler into a tree as he attempted to drive off but unfortunately he died on the spot. Witness's

 Lucky Dube's Car

  It's a cruel world. He sung of`Poverty, Wars, Love, Peace, Racism, Ethnicity....... in summary positive messages & real life issues were in all his tracks. How he met his death in the most unexpected unnatural manner brings two things to my mind the level of Crime & Poverty in a number of African countries - two of the numerous matters he very often addressed through his gift, his talent, his livelihood - MUSIC.

  All his songs are touching. Your messages live on Lucky. They all live on. A man who filled stadium arenas not just to capacity, but also with awe & love - Watch the 2nd Video Below - Ive Got You Babe (to make me feel alright). See the love music fans had for him. Lyrics deep enough which make you pause & think hard about life where you are from & where you headed to.

  May the Lord almighty rest his soul in peace. Lucky Philip Dube - August 3rd 1964 - October 18th 2007.

  Below are some of his many tracks which continue to hit worldwide. Listening to the lyrics makes one have shivers down the spine. A true love & peace ambassador. Love is the message & the message is love. Read fans COMMENTS

  In other separate news not posted earlier last month, my tribute goes out to another fallen hero, the late COLIN MCRAE (39) (Scottish) who together with his only son JOHNNY MCRAE (5) perished in an accident totally unrelated to his profession - a helicopter crash. May their souls rest in peace.

  For any Safari Rally lover, chances are in the 90s you saw Colin McRae's name toping newspapers headlines - those "early mornings" when you were sent to the shop to buy newspapers while your dad & other family members waited eagerly to see the  rally rankings & photos.

  McRae was household name ..... remembered driving through dusty roads at ridiculous high speeds in one of his favorite garis (cars) - the Subaru (Subaru World Rally Team)

 The death of his only son - Johnny ended the possibilities of a son being able to carry on the McRae family name in Colin's family in the future in auto rallying. Colin McRaes father - Jimmy Mcrae was a rally driver. Colin's younger Brother Alister Mcrae is still actively involved in car rallying.

 Watching Colin McRae race in the video below reminds one of the swahili song saying " Maisha ni mlima kuna kupanda na kushuka bali kuteleza sio kuanguka " direct translation (Life is a journey on the hills, where one travels up & down, but whenever one slips, he/she does not necessarily fall). Watch the video below. Colin drove with the speed that thrills nearly to perfection. Talent is the word. He " slips " & continues with the race. Another legend - a world champion auto rally legend.

  AOB - Look at the Safari Rally Championship list here Safari Rally. Recognize the names? The Kenyan flags besides those household names reminds one of "gari za wire" made from coat hungers, bladders (rubber bands) from those outdoor brooms, while tires were made at times from old sandals. I cannot remember seeing the recycle logo on brooms & rubber bata sandals (slippers) but indeed recycling had to take part for the very young at heart.

 Other rally related links: Glenedmunds




WHEN IT'S ON .... IT'S REALLY ON >> SIASA MOTO KAMA PASI (YA MAKAA!) (Posted on Mon. Oct. 1st 2007)
Here I was .... sitting creating a DNA vs. DNA mashup of one of my most favorite tracks since Standard 7. The mashup? Well, it is between the Britishs DNA w/ Americas Suzanne Vega vs. Kenyas DNA.

  I'm not gussing about Deoxyribonucleic / Diribonucleic Acid ooh goodness gracious! .... Im talking about music - the ORIGINAL DNA - A group of 2 British Dance producers who mashed up (remixed) the highly literate a cappella lyrics belonging to the American artist Suzanne Vega to their own instrumental beats to create the heavy hitter song " Tom's Diner " .

   ... Ironically not even minutes later, I came across this VIDEO (below) from Nation TV.  Lo & behold ... even politics has " Diribonucleic Acid " ?

  Its Kenyas artist DNA with yet another remix of his own Banjuka song now singing the lyrics " Ba ba ba PNU juu, ba ba ba KIBAKI juu " .... Its " biology" gone political.

(Article Continued Below Video)

  The video below earned 2 Honors in Youtube (on the particular day it was posted up) - The Most Viewed & The Most Linked in Youtubes News & Politics category on that day.

  Thousands were in attendance at the event the PNU (Party Of National Unity) luncheon at Nyayo Stadium. Nyayo Stadium is meant to hold a capacity of 30,000 but this was not the case! It was way above as the pitch was used to accommodate thousands of more attendees.

  Back to the stage / dias where the main event is at. " Then came the light moment time for the jig " as the commentator puts it! - Hon. Simon Nyachae is seen pulling a " Helule Lule + Frankie Do You Remember Me " twist combo move.

  On the other hand, first Rendy Ka Rucy Kibaki is seen pulling her yet to be patented dance moves (Note Hon. President Chief in Commander Emilio Kibaki turn to his left to see how his peeps including Vice President Moody Awori in a very happy mood getting down. The words on the Presidents face seems to be 3 words - " Maajabu Ya Musa "

  Hon. Joseph Munyao is not to be left behind either seen aki ba ba ba .... - Getting down on the far left with a hat on & walking stick. He seems to be trying to pull a fast " Win a car Cracker Munyao " move but some redbull is missing!

  I do believe at his age he can still get down on it ** BUT there are some fine prints! Fine prints? Yes** Ukiwa mzee, Banjuka ukiwa na car jack na redbull. Direct translation? Getting down can be easy BUT Getting up ....

  Someone please tell me they don't know who Cracker is! Google CRACKER MUNYAO or for the full 411 contact Keno (Ken Muthoka) - Ndalas, TX

   " .......... Ba ba ba PNU juu ba ba ba KIBAKI Juu, tushikane Mikono Juu ..."

   AOB: As for a technology lover out there, one can't fail to notice media technology in the media at the stadium. For the first time I have seen a vertical array loudspeakers sound system rigged / flown on chain motors in Kenya (On the right hand side of the camera man) .... they surely don't look like some common entry level Cerwin Vega loudspeakers as Cerwin Vega has never manufactured flyable arrays loudspeakers rigs.  Makes me curious to know how intense the sound from the PA system was.


Register For Free



MUSIC INDUSTRY MOURNS ONE OF THEIR OWN (Posted on Monday Sept. 3rd 2007)
It is with great regret that we announce the untimely death of Sharon Wagwe (aka Lady S) in a tragic road accident on Thika road on Sunday Sept. 2nd while heading to the airport for a flight to the UK where she was scheduled to perform. May her soul rest in peace.



Help a Kenyan beat Mark Burnett - Creator of Survivor & Apprentice! (Posted on Tuesday, June 12th 2007)
  Dear fellow Kenyans & Friends of Kenya, ......this little Simba Kenn Kihiu (KK) is up against Goliath & it's so easy to help him. All it takes is a mouse click to vote for his fitness video
DanceX Fitness. He is competing to have his fitness workout featured at a national fitness conference called IDEA to be held in San Diego in July which is worlds LARGEST association for health and fitness professionals. If he gathers enough votes & win, the exposure will be invaluable, open incredible doors and be huge for his career.

 As of this posting today (Tues. June 12, 2007), KK's DanceX Fitness is currently in 2nd place & up against industry giants who have millions of marketing dollars but underestimate the support of the wanainchi. (PS. Currently leading is a workout program that partnered with Mark Burnett creator of survivor & apprentice).



 Kenn Kihiu has a legitimate shot at the #1 spot with your help. It takes a few seconds to visit this link to watch the video & vote One can vote every 24 hours, so vote today… tomorrow… until June 20th when the contest ends.

  You can also receive great fitness tips by signing up via the link it’s a great way to be reminded to vote again. For the next 30 days, I will send you FREE health, fitness tips & strategies that will guarantee you will achieve the body of your dreams. Even if you do half of what I will tell you over the next 30 days, you will loose the belly fat, tone up, be healthy and have an abundance of energy.

 Every click helps. Please forward this to fellow Kenyans, friends & families.



 For all those who were & weren't there, here are the paparazzi works of the EVENTFUL Weekend in SAN DIEGO with the Kenya Rugby Team & Wananchi from all corners of the World thanks to USASEVENS & AFTER7S (San Diego's ).

   Attendance? OK. ...... It went down like this .... NOT TENS, NOT HUNDREDS ..... ok take a peek at the PICS Get the idea? Indoors - FULL, Outdoors - FULL. It's was henceforth referred to as AFTERSEVENS EFFECT (not Doppler Effect LOL) ... AFTER7S.COM TEAM shut-it-down NO COMPE! - DJ AMO, DJ BABU, DJ FRANCHIZE, DJ FULLY FOCUS, DJ JOSH, DJ ONE, DJ PINYE, DJ SAM & DJ XP.


PAMOJA SOTE - MEMORIAL WEEKEND OUT 2007, - DALLAS, TEXAS (Posted on Wednesday, April 25th 2007)
  It's all in the air - PURE FLAVA .... the scent of Ugali, Nyamachoma, Mshikakis, Maindi Choma & Music .... all in the air, accompanied with THOUSANDS of + GENGE ARTIST PILI PILI & HEAVY Presence of KENYAN DJ Talents - DJ FRANCHIZE, DJ PINYE, DJ XP, DJ SADAT, DJ MATEE, DJ STURE, DJ ONE, DJ JOSH, DJ ALAN, DJ SISQO ...

  It's LARGEST overseas Family Re-union event the - 7th Annual Memorial Weekend Out 2007, Brought to you by the KENDA LADIES in conjunction with Greater DALLAS - TX KENYAN COMMUNITY this Summer May 24th - 28th. If youve never been to Dallas - TX , imagine yourself with a bunch of family & friends enjoying sports, food (Kenyan to be precise) & music.

 All the venues have ample space to cater for the masses however if you ...... FULL STORY




STOP HUMMER TIME!  ITS NYUNDO TIME WITH AGWAMBO! (Posted on Thurs., March 25th 2007)
I rather find it to be a publicity stunt which apparently seems to be working in Kenya, as people including the media itself are fascinated by Agwambo's (Mr. R) " GIFT "....  sensational Show stopper / Nyundo / Humvee derived from HMMV - High Mobility Multipurpose wheeled Vehicle / Hummer! costing eti US 590,000$ ... as per KTN News LOL ha! ha! (Video Below)

  Seems to me like GM (General Motors Inc.) soon will be laughing all the way to the banks since the controversy behind the nyundo is going to affect hummer sales in Kenya if you are able to put 1 & 1 together. Ukweli au Uwongo?

  Whether it was free or not that's one cost effective marketing strategy by GM (General Motors) side coz the bracket of people who can afford Hummers in Kenya are mainly the who? The polit .........!, as helicopters used for election campaigns have become too costly at 1000US$/hr & dangerous. Follow this link to the article Kshs. 80,000/hr

  For those not aware, L.H.D (Left Hand Drive) vehicles are no longer allowed to be imported to Kenya ... they have to be converted from L.H.D to R.H.D's. Pay attention to the video of Agwambo's KAX 950C as he chomokas (alights) - It's a R.H.D. Also note the sleeping MP's towards the very end of the video Fred Gumo woi!

 (Article Continued Below Video)

   L.H.D vehicle importation ban in Kenya automatically points out the reason why American vehicles including this " sensational " hummer are very limited in number. i.e. - 5 " show stoppers " LOL .... in Kenya i.e. (1) GM CEO (2) Juja MP William Kabogo (3) Stanley Livondo Narc-Kenya activist (4) Maurice Odumbe (Sports) ...... & last but not least man R / Agwambo himself - (5) Raila.

  Agwambo's states he will use the Nyundo to "hummer" NARC- Kenya. Kwani he has become M-zee Hummer (as in MC Hammer) ama he has become Jim Adler - The self acclaimed " Texas Tough Smart Lawyer " with his favorite lines, I will hammer, hammer, hammer........ At this rate he might as well start wearing extreme baggy pants & singing " U Can't Touch This "

  Below is what the media reports & on views by other MP's have to say about the Agwambo's " GIFT ".


  * Standard News Papers * - " It took almost two hours to change tires as Raila’s driver and aides, led by his personal assistant, Mr Dave Arunga, tried in vain to use the vehicle’s jack.

  Unable to use the Hummer’s equipment, they had to borrow a jack from a petroleum tanker transporting fuel to Marakwet to lift the vehicle and change the tires.

  When they finally lifted the vehicle, it took four men to carry the weighty spare tire from its compartment to be fixed."

  More Raila’s Hummer runs into trouble

  * Kalembe Ndile * - Kalembe Ndile wonders why Raila had not surrendered the four-wheel drive vehicle to the Speaker as required by the law.

  Kalembe said other ODM-Kenya presidential aspirants should use the car in turns in the spirit of party unity.

 "Kalonzo Musyoka, Najib Balala, William Ruto, Musalia Mudavadi and even my poor sister, Dr Julia Ojiambo, who may not afford a Hummer, should enjoy a ride in it," he said.

  More Kalembe and Agwambo’s gift from friends abroad

  * Bonny Khalwale * - Mr. Bonny Khalwale, described Raila’s admission that the vehicle was indeed a gift as transparency.

  He said through the acquisition of the vehicle, Raila had given Kenyans an image of the kind of president to expect.

 "It shows that if elected president, he would be traveling to Bondo in a jet escorted by jet fighters," he said.

 More Surrender Hummer, Raila told




LYRICALLY SPEAKING (Posted on Sun. March. 18th 2007)
 " What do you mean? I bought you a Rolex, I bought you a watch, alafu unaniamsha very late on the dot, what do you want? Another big clock ama unataka ninunuwe CITY CLOCK " .......  It's boomba time with the Boomba Clan. Those are the lyrics off their late last year's track " African Timer " (Video Below) Seems like Flavour Flav must have endorsed them or something.

  I believe these are Kenya's only & first young generation artists at with at least 2 hitter fast tracks / songs (panda stairs shuka stairs songs i.e. gymnasium songs), including their other comical song - " Chonga Viazi ".

  Dance & flow wise, they fused it up! I find the track - "African Timer" beat's to be a fusion of both (1) Ndombolo Music (as the artists rhyme & dance on the video) & (2) House Music which makes most Kenyans have that irresistible urge of pulling Maasai moves like the RARE WATTS

  Talk about comical lyrics. If you are overseas, you might have always wondered what MICHAEL POWER (mentioned in the lyrics ........ " I'm not sober Odiero , I'm not sober, I've taken Guinness that has got Michael Power ") is!

  " Kuku kapanda baiskeli, bata kavaa raizoni " (A chicken boarded a bike while a duck wore high heeled shoes)


LOSS OF LOVED ONES (Posted on Mon. Feb. 26th 2007)
Sadly, It has been a week marked with departure of loved ones. I'm writing to pass my sincere condolences to friends who have lost their very loved ones.

  My sincere condolences goes out to Kangi & Fundi (Buru 3 HSE # 648) for the loss of their father, Godfrey Ndagala - Dj Godi & Richard (Dallas) for the loss of their loving brother, Daniel Mitei - Dani (Dallas) for the loss of their loving father, Kuria - Kush (Houston / Buru 2) for the loss of their loving mom & Adrian Washika - Dj Adrian (Nairobi) for the loss of a loving father.

  Please let's remember to keep these families in our prayers during this trying times.



YET AGAIN IT IS HERE WITH US - THE 2007 IRB USA SEVENS! (Posted on Mon. Feb. 5th 2007)
  It is here again! SIAMINI KAMA TUKO WOTE! It's that time of the year when that million dollar question pops up - "Unaenda Cali?" .... That week of the year when most wananchis go to " whisper mode " (voices performing disappearing act), unless you are a super true heckler like Kenya's most celebrated rubgy fan ARIGI. A very interesting chap. That is why he answers boldly - " YES I CAN ". If you have never heard of Arigi, you can get to know more about him here on BBC

   A special word of thanks to the main organizers of this years 2007 Rugby Sevens Tournament USASEVENS & IRB (International Rugby Board) for whom without their hard efforts, the Games & Festivals would have not be taking place out here in the US of the A. The official dates of the rugby 7's tournament & festival are from Sat. 10th Feb. - Sun. 11th Feb. 2007.

 fnbsp; For those who were @ the Thuranira's aka " Mwanaume's Mansion " in Frisco on Sunday 4th for the Super Bowl Dinner Bash, .... then you would agree with me that the NDALAS to SUNNY D planes flying this weekend should just be repainted "Kenya Airways". ..... all roads from Ndalas (Matuu) LOL!,l ead to Sunny D - SAN DIEGO!

   For many of those heading to the Sunny Side, the .... FULL STORY


... Was doing some marketing research a few weeks back when I came across a questionable media. Apparently I forgot to post it here until when it came across my mind today.

    OK for those who thought they could never use gethafu's (Mathematics') - " Probability ", probably this may be the right time  to apply it to solve the ukweli au uwongo (True or False) issue at hand.

   A monkey see, a monkey ... I'm off to the stadium! Surely, I don't think I would ever succeed replicating this act, fact being given that even doing the correct thing is already hard for many. This is just impossible! For some reason ' Nandans Kutoka ' saying for banos (marbles)`comes to mind. It would be easier for one to put that thing easily where it belongs than as compared to missing like him. Note - as in missing in a unique manner i.e. Not once, Not twice, Not thri ........

  Word is DENNO (Dennis Mwanja) will pull a similar one in DIEGO SAN. (Yes! Oval. Wachana na mambo ya circle.) I Wonder if the marketing don at BATA will pull a similar collabo with Kenya's # 1 i.e - Mkulima # 1 / Mwalimu # 1 / Mchezaji # 1 / ....... yaani Mo #1 (Moi) . In the video, one (if quite observant) will note that the ............. !

    It reminds me of an ironical article back then in 1996 while in high school. It made sense LOL! Enyewe their ads are very catchy. Enjoy reading the article NIKE TO CEASE MANUFACTURING PRODUCTS.

   * PS. Flash media content is fairly used in sections of this site if you see something awkward like article missing a referencing media (e.g. video) the problem is that your system is not detecting Flash Macromedia Player. If so, GET FLASH.

Yet again another year gone missing! ...... Haiyaye si I thought I was in high school just the other year? Now within a few years, I'll be clocking tatu sufuri! I'll be a guka so soon.

   10 years ago at around a time like this of the year hardly 18 yrs old, I felt like I was on top of the world having graduated from high school, coz freedom had just arrived knocking 'hodi hodi' kwa mlango style! I'd bet you 100$ chances are that at exactly this time of day in 1997, I was not on top of world; .... rather instead - " I was on top of the roof " of our house on the second floor!

   A life of being in love with YAGI is the life I led. Being stack on the roof holding a MAST operating a " kichini chini " FM radio station in the heart of city - BURUBURU. Transmission power had to be set on the 'low low' (ogopa CCK). It was the order of the day just for the fun of it yet knowing the risks of being electrocuted (again) ...... FULL STORY

Comcast O' Deal O' Poa !



HNY 2006 (+ 1) !
Wishing you all a HNY 2007. There will be a couple of changes here & there this year. Will keep you posted.

NewYearsEve02.JPG NewYearsEve00.JPG NewYearsEve18.JPG NewYearsEve07.JPG NewYearsEve20.JPG NewYearsEve01.JPG

  Meanwhile ujumbe to all 93.9 WKYS & WPGC 95.5 radio heads (fans): R. Mathenge (7UP), J. Weru (South Africa), Kangi (Buru 3), A. Gichuki (VA), Simo (VA), Clemo (Calif Records / Beat Ya Clemo), Martin Makasi (Dj Mato / Studio B), Kenco (MD), Kinya (OK), Jacko (ATL), P. Kungu (CA). Dudes, " It's been a over a decade since flows like ... " (Sample Video/s Below)

  Thanks to bro. the main man - Vincent N. for having been " the hook up brother " making the media from the western world get air time in the eastern side of the Sahara big time.

  Regards, Chalo XP.


   ** Bear with me for the downtime / outage early on Tuesday, 9th 2006 due to our web hosts migration to newer servers, meaning more uptime & faster access for you especially at peak hours when the sites' traffic gets 'mandizi'. PS. I sure do receive you e-mails & look into most of the matters addressed in the e-mails.



David Mathenge has a nickname. A nickname which many of us " Watoto Wa Nyayo Era " would identify more than his formal names, or what his formal names initial's might stand for D.M .... Danger Mouse (the cartoon character).

  Well " D.M " might have been " SINZIARING " as he acclaims, but certainly when he was not .. FULL STORY+VIDEO



I was raised up in the 80's & thanks to the media then - VOK, Nation & Standard, 'we was' well informed about "Jamhuri Ya".

   Childhood memories still clear in my mind, I remember on most government public holidays most notably Kenyatta day & Jamhuri Day, we had this black soft covered book which we 'read' titled - THE DAY KENYATTA DIED. The cover of this book showed half Mzee Kenyatta's body from the side as he rest in peace in a black suit, while in the back ground there was an image which looked like sunset (orange like).

   I & my little sister Stella were curious to 'look' at this book of this man whom many people talked about as we never got to see him like our elder siblings & parents, since we had not been born yet.

   In the mid 80's, we were still too young to read properly; the only thing we could do is to "Angalia Picha" (look at the pictures) & look at the fighter jets fly outside, & be like " Hiyo Ni Yangu ". Back to the .......  FULL STORY


Picha Blocker



NIAJE NJERI & KIONI? HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY. (Posted on Sunday Oct. 1st 2006)
Siku zinaendaaaaa. Seems just like the other day when we were celebrating Njeri's & Kioni Big's Big wedding here in Ndalas, Matuu (yaani Dallas, TX).

  Of the hundreds of Weddings I've attended here (Stato) & in Digz, all of them were special & unique in their own way .... but in my honest opinion "Kioni's na Njeri" your Uhiki (wedding) was just of another level!!! Happy 1st Anniversary today Sunday Oct. 1st 2006. I haven't vybed to you guys for a minute, but you are remembered ka niaje!

  Salamu to my McKinney peeps Audrey na Mbugua mambo vipi? Audrey, you have a good husband right there ..... those are the fruits of 'scuds' (heavy ones) from the discipline master - our Math Teacher Mr. Wambugu. Mbugua lol Highie eee Highie aah.

  On that note, a Mix A Little Bit Of This & That for Njeri & Kioni, ... plus the newest, youngest cool couple in the block Audrey & Mbugua. Mbugua, si you organize something from the canteen - "Chapo Meat". How time flies. Pinky 244C Route # 11.

  May the Lord continue blessing your Marriages more & more. And for those in the process of being united sooner or later Mary na Arthur mmesikia? ...... & all the rest, all the best wishes as you prepare to step in the name of love.

 Regards Chalo XP.

Title / Mixes By: A Little Bit Of This (& That) - Dj Xp
Artists: Various Artists.


I find retro ziks (music) to be like a ` soundtrack of my life. Most tunes were like poetry words being uttered in a rhythmic manner, a number of the swahili tracks being educative besides being tight.

  The message was in the music & the music in the message, .......... just like Arthur Baker & the Backbeat Disciples would put it in their heavy hitter song " Love Is the Message & The Message Is Love "

  Sitting back hooked to my headphones reminiscing one of the most precious moments of my life - childhood days! Yeah! Childhood days in the late 80's & early 90's in primary school. I believe I'd miss very little details about this period. Seems like retro music was deeply intertwined with my childhood memories. Be it name of my classmates, class sitting arrangement or what someone did wrong to get to perform Mr. Githaiga's DANCE OF TWO

  A few days ago, while playing with a wave form generator, the shape of sine waves reminded me of certain beeps which were heard at the beginning of each hour on V.O.K (Sauti Ya Kenya). Playing with the generator led me to generate some pink & white noises resembling radio noises & beeps, which triggered me to come up with the mix ASUBUHI NA MAPEMA

  Most of the songs will bring some retro memories - hopefully good memories. A few of the songs  ..... FULL STORY


Title / Mixes By: Asubuhi (Na Mapema) - Dj Xp
Artists: Various Artists.


It was otherwise referred to as " Chikaneni " (Shikaneni) where boys only (girls fortunately were never beaten in this manner), held each other hands & Othaigo (Mr. Githaiga - Math / Art & Craft Teacher - St. Michaels Primary School) would whip our makalios (rears)

   During this "dance", If our hands`separated from the ones our partners in crime (to console our aching makalios), it meant Othaigo's had to start counting afresh until one received 5 nice uninterrupted strokes.

  Now, If you believe this summer heat wave of Dallas, Texas of 105° Fahrenheit day is hot, well our " things " were hotter than hot .... aching in pain. Yaani Othaish / Othaigo / Mr. Githaiga, where was your mercy?

   From the word go, no one performed this dance perfectly without flaws on just the land of the 1st strike ..... FULL STORY


Makampuni gani ya nyumbani yameajiri kazi wakenya wengi?


  Well, the 6th Memorial Weekend family Reunion was once again held here in Dallas, TX. I'll throw in lots of sheng kwa sababu fulani hapa na pale .....

  A Special word of thanks goes out to my " right hand " rafikis who from the word go put so much effort into this project. I would like to show appreciation to many but the list would be a heavy one. I'll mention a few, so please don't feel like your efforts were not recognized - coz of me being brief.

KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ1.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ5.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ2.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ16.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ32.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ9.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ30.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ29.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ7.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ6.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ85.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ51.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ75.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ74.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ18.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ36.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ72.jpg KendasZilizovumaMemorialBBQ3.jpg

   A special word of appreciation goes out to all the ARTISTS & DJs lined up, wananchi from out of town & DFW, partners in various cities.

  Also, special words of BIG THANKS 

K. ( K. Ent. ),
  Izoo M. ( Simply L Trucking ),
  Francis O. ( Sony Ericsson ),
& last but not least, the 5 KENDA chicks (Grace, Pati, Jenni, Faith & Evelyn) & Uju (Creators Palace Ent.)




Title / Mixes By:



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