Police stop demo against VP
Act on Kiraitu, MP tells President
Goldenberg: Billions lost forever
Moi dismisses teamís calls to investigate him
Goldenberg probe team: Arrest Saitoti
Goldenberg inquiry clears Mudavadi of wrong doing
Faces behind the Goldenberg scam
Former CBK clerk who exposed
East Africa put on bird flu alert
Fresh plea for aid as 3.5m face starvation
Cabinet to meet over Goldenberg report
Ministers: Kacc not investigating us
Githongo will spill beans on graft, says MP
Big five take up war on corruption
Act with restraint, Muslims cautioned
Kibaki summons PSs to sign contracts
Withdraw VPís privileges, says lawyer
Health budget to increase, says V-P
Group warns over buildings near airports
Goldenberg: Billions lost forever
Moi dismisses teamís calls to investigate him
Goldenberg probe team: Arrest Saitoti
Goldenberg inquiry clears Mudavadi of wrong doing
Former CBK clerk who exposed
Family wanted VP to quit, but Kibaki refused
Civil society wants corrupt ministers sacked  
State spends Sh878m on luxury cars
Kenya Ďhome of the wabenzií Judiciary tops list of spenders
Mugoya wins tender to bring down building
Blood and tears as building collapses
How invisible hand moved Githongo from State House

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Orange: Ringera canít probe Kiraitu
VP chairs stormy Cabinet meeting
Court suspends use of breathalyzers
Kibaki reads the riot act to his ministers
The incredibly disappearing one-shilling coin
Anglo Leasing: We have new leads, says Ringera
Kenyans to watch Cup action on TVStandard Reporter  
40 killed as rustlers raid village
UN, trade unions adopt environment policy  
Moi faces acid test as MPs plan pro-Ruto rallies
Economy: Whatís in store for Kenyans?
Moi faces acid test as MPs plan pro-Ruto rallies
Orange to field one candidate, says Raila
Details of Kacc video on police recruitment out
Controversy dogs trendy MP with deep pockets
State denies ban against ĎStandardí
Woman dumped in MPís compound named
Kenya is sitting on goldmine, says report

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 Kicheko corner READ



You Never Know.


Departure of a loved one.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Matatu Madness.

The Hard Truth.

Sad story. Assistance Needed.

Waithakaís long walk to riches

Club 99.

Mr. Ociffer, Ponyi, Danse, Karao, ..

This objects that be flying.

Mixology & other issues.

Murder Charges?

Step in the name of love.

An open letter to Kenyans in Dallas Fort Worth.

Popular Kenyan rap singer dies.

Remarks by Raila prompts warning on foul language.


Remarks by Raila prompts warning on foul language.

M&M ... " Milioni & Makaratathi. "

KRA boss' body arrives in city.

The march of the penguins.

What is the difference between " looting " and " finding "?

 :lol: Jump to the pool.

 :lol: Employee rules.

 :lol: Men can't win, not in this life !

Makampuni gani ya nyumbani yameajiri kazi watu wengi kwa jumla?

Life's Uncertainties.

Ungefanya nini?

Where billions go for a song.

Kenyans may be allowed to hold dual citizenship.

How new transport rules crippled Kenya Bus.

Celebsí near brushes with death

Next edition of getting to know your friends

Why oil prices are pushing $70 a barrel

Is a hybrid car worth the gas savings?

Man recites "pi" (Gethafu - 22/7) from memory to 83,431 places
In Defense of Mattress-Tag Laws and More

50 Pence.

Where the big borrowers live.

So where does your state rank? Check out an interactive debt map to find out.

26 "One Liners" about God.

How Smart Are You ?

Vote of thanks from the KENDA Ladies.

Kenyans Eager to Adopt Baby Rescued by Dog.

First Lady Lucy Kibaki.

Starring: Lucy Kibaki - " Rucy First Rendy "
News Agency: KTN (Kenya Television Network)
Reporter: Farida Karonei
Watch Video
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     The 1st week of May ought to be marked as the " First Rendy (Lady) Week ".

       Here in the West, Laura Bush made headlines with about the humorous speech she gave at the white house dinner. Back in the East, Lucy Kenya's First Lady made another debut in the " comedy circles " going as far as attacking a camera man Clifford Derrick. Isn't this good business for WHO?
         Earlier, Lucy Kibaki had a right to ask the volume to be turned down at least she could have vybed her two sons who were at the party to ask the sound guy to reduce the sound by 3db (decibels) / half as loud ......
Read More

Total work time - Females over males (Top 50 Countries)

 :lol: Laughter The Best Medicine.

 Laura Bushís naughty talk

National Bank of Wal-Mart?

26 Most Fascinating Entrepreneurs

Estherís Prescriptions.

Rufftone buys Bimmer.

Roll of barbed wire: Tool that fights truancy.

Young expert proves her worth in a manís world.

Things people do just to make money - 50,000 $. As it seems, Paypal shut his account.

26 Most Fascinating Entrepreneurs.



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